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Company Culture & Remote Working

More and more companies are hiring remote workers these days, and as such company culture is becoming more of a consideration. This will be more relevant after the COVID-19 dust settles and life returns back to semi-normal.

In this blog, I examine what company culture is and how you can find out if the company you've applied at is a good fit for you.

Company culture is the personality of the company

How can a company have a personality? It’s fairly straightforward. Some companies have a team-based culture that encourages participation from everyone, while others have a more traditional approach and management style. This style sets the culture and the environment you'll be walking into as a remote worker.

Company culture really matters because it will define whether you actually enjoy working for the company or not. And if you enjoy working for the company, you'll be much happier and more productive. Job satisfaction and a great work-life balance are featuring at the top of many remote worker's agendas when applying for online jobs.

Before you even make it to the final round of interviews, you should question the potential employer about company culture. And the earlier you do it, the better. You don't want to waste your time going through several interviews only to discover when they're ready to hire you that you won't fit in with their company culture.

Another consideration is to find out how a company recognizes and rewards employee contribution and effort. Everyone wants to be recognized. There is nothing more discouraging than putting in long hours and hard work only to be completely overlooked or unrecognized for your efforts. An effective company that cares about its growth will conduct regular attitude surveys with its employees to establish how employees feel about an organization. If this is not done regularly the company runs the risk of its employees losing trust and confidence in its management. Furthermore, a manager who always finds fault with employees is guaranteed to create resentment in his/her workers. I once had a remote manager who focused exclusively on the things I was doing wrong or that I wasn't perfect at. That completely eroded my self-confidence and caused me to withdraw bit by bit until I found another company that's culture was a better fit for me.

Here are some ways you can check out the company culture:

1. Check out their website

A website's "about us" section should give you an idea of the company culture since their mission statement and values should be quite clear.

2. Do some research

Glassdoor is an invaluable site for researching a company's culture since employees provide reviews of companies they've worked for. But not all companies are reviewed, so you'll have to try doing your own research. LinkedIn is a great tool for reaching out to current employees of a company for a reference on the company's management style and culture. You could also do a Google background check on the management and CEO of the company.

3. Interview the potential Employer early in the hiring process

Ask some direct questions during your first interview, questions like:

"How would you describe your company culture?"

"Do you promote from within?"

"Do you have an open-door policy?"

"How do you recognize your staff's achievements and contributions?"

"Can you describe your management style?"

"Do you have an HR department and if not, what is the process for addressing issues of concern?."

"Do you offer on-going training at this company and if not, do you sponsor training for your staff?"

If during the interview stage the person conducting the interview takes offence at your line of questioning, take it as a sign that you will definitely NOT fit in with the company culture. You want to work for a company that encourages communication, is able to solve issues that hamper your productivity and is willing to protect you in the workplace. You want to work for a company that values and respects its employees. Employees who are not appreciated and valued don't stay very long. If you have done your due diligence and are satisfied that you will fit in with the company culture, progress with the interviews.

You will want to cover your bases and negotiate the best deal possible so you can enjoy your work. Happy employees are highly productive.

If you have never worked remotely for a local or overseas company before, our online courses will teach you the necessary skills to get you going. And what's more, after graduating from our courses you will automatically be enrolled into our Internship Program where we help our graduates to find Internship jobs to help them gain valuable work experience.

For more info about our online digital courses for remote work, visit our website or drop us an email for more info: info@expand-digital-academy.com Expand Digital Academy

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